CLC "canvas" boat covers

I just wanted to throw in an enthusiastic endorsement for the CLC boat covers. I moved up this summer to my first boat that wouldn't fit into my garage (CLC Faering Cruiser) and have to store it outdoors, so a good quality cover was a necessity. Having seen the quality of the covers for the CLC demo boats, I went with having one made by the same cover maker who makes the rest of the CLC fleet's covers.

We put it on the boat yesterday. In spite of the fact that this was the first cover ever made for the Faering Cruiser, it fit perfectly. The stitching is strong, there are lots of tiedown loops and every area of potential chafe is heavily reinforced. The material is not canvas, it's Weather Max, which is the same fiber as Sunbrella, but with a different weave. It's breathable, so there has to be some kind of tenting support to keep water from pooling on the cover. For most of the CLC fleet, that's done with battens. For the Faering Cruiser, it's simply a matter of laying the boom across the hatches and using it for a ridge pole.

Being breathable means that I can leave the hatches and ballast tank covers open and any residual humidity will air out - no mildew problems.

The fabric (and thread) is UV resistant, so the paint and bright work is protected.

Since this is the same material and the same cover maker as the other covers that CLC offers, I just wanted to give everyone an unbiased customer's review. Especially now, since if you're planning to complete a build for a Spring launch, this would be a good time to put in orders to avoid a last-minute rush. Sorry if this sounds a bit like an ad, but these covers are really that good.

Have fun all,


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RE: CLC "canvas" boat covers

 Hi Lazlo, I ordered one based on your recommendation, and agree! Whoever makes these does a bang-up job, the one I got for my wherry tandem fit like a glove. Question for ya though - did you install the bow sockets to fit the battens into? I probably need about 4 pairs, but not sure if I want to drill into the inwhales or gunwhales. What did you use for your battens? 

RE: CLC "canvas" boat covers


No battens. The boom laid fore-aft across the cockpit provides the peak. To prevent hollows, I use bungee cords from the trailer, up to the sheer, over the boom and down the other side to the trailer again. No holes, no sockets.

Their springiness is enough to keep the cover tented in any rain. Heavy snow pushes the cover down, but as soon as enough melts the cover springs up again. In any case, I always head out to the boat and brush it clean after a snow.

Glad you like  the cover. Almost 2 years on, I still think mine's great.

Have fun,


RE: CLC "canvas" boat covers

   Got it, thx!

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