Kaholo 14 keel Panel Gap

Building the Kaholo and have a question on the forward bottom panels, specificall the funny overlap of the forward panels.  i've assembled the board and have a 1/4"x 6" gap about 18" back from the forward end.  If i wire this gap tight, it drops and creates a low spot on the keel line, looks like a car door dent.

Is this this how it is supposed to be or do i have an error in cutting the panels?  i cut the panels from the full sized patterns, they look right according to the plans and manual.

The question is whether this is meant to have a dip in teh keel line or if i should keep the keel line faired and smooth with a filler.  The manual does not specify the assembly of this portion.




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RE: Kaholo 14 keel Panel Gap

   I haven't built any of the Koholo boards, but there shouldn't be any dents in the keel. There is usually a low spot close to the bow/stern of the kayaks bottom panels before you stitch them together. You might have planed or sanded too much material from this area when cutting your panels. You can minimize the gap by removing a few stitches and running some sandpaper that has been folded in half between the panels at the ends of the dip. Be carefull if you are useing an aggressive paper. You are basically lenghthening the dip to close the gap a little. I usually quit when I can wire the gap with a tooth pick inserted, and no dip. Good luck, JRC

RE: Kaholo 14 keel Panel Gap

   I have built two Kaholos from plans.  On each one I correctly overlapped the bow sections when scarfing them to the stern section for the bottom.  On each board I had the gap as you spoke of.   I wire the bottom and chimes.   I left the gap because when I attempted to close it it distorted the board.  I cut a long sliver of a filler piece and filled the gap.  After epoxying the filler piece into place I faired it into the hull, inside and out.  It is not noticeable. I made the filler piece out of fir.  I'd make the filler piece out of whatever scrape of wood you have available that have a nice straight grain and sands easily.  

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