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Has anyone made the grain surfboard, I'm thinking about a father son project and want to make a surfboard. I don't know if I want the complete kit or just plans and make it from scratch. I finished a dory so the work working and glassing is not new to me. There are plenty of sites with plans that are not as expensive as the grain board however having all the pieces in 1 kit is attractive. Thanks Dan

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RE: grain surfboard

 My wife and I built one a few years back. We used the kit and the cedar is very nice in it. We ordered it from Grain and were able to request what color tones of cedar we wanted. Having built a few boats from kits, I think the surfboard was a little more difficult, only because of the steaming required. When my kids were 8-10 we built a "Clancy" and it was simple enough that they could take an active part in the build. If we had done a surfboard then, it would have been a little too much for them. Teenagers would not have a problem with a surfboard.  The kit from Grain is of nice quality and everything is included. Just having the interior framing already cut made things a lot nicer. It was also nice to have everything on hand when you need it. We live in a rural area and sometimes supplies a hard to find. Good luck with your build.




RE: grain surfboard

  I have built two Grain kits, a Root and a Steamer.  They are really fun to build!  The steaming is minimal and once you figure it out with some practise it is fine.  I would get the kit, the rail pieces would be a bit tricky to make with the cove and beads but it would allow some customization.  I milled a few planks for my second board using some red cedar with knots for a more rustic look.  The other new thing they provide are the strongback forms which again saves time and makes things super easy to get the rocker and concaves perfect.  Not a problem using shims and tape though to save money.  the new epoxy they are using is great too.  No VOCs and it wetted out perfect.  My next one will be the Wherry Fish.   

RE: grain surfboard

   Thanks for the comments about the surfboards. I emailed Grain and talked to Matt. It sounds like a good project, I would like to know from you guys how the steam bending worked with an iron and wet towel? Will it discolor the wood at all? I haven't seen an instruction manual on it yet so I am curious about the technique.







RE: grain surfboard

The steam bending with the iron and wet towel worked really well, in fact, I have used that method on other projects with good results. You just wet the wood and put it in a wet towel. Take a hot steam iron and move it along the strip for a little bit and try to bend the strip. If it is still a little stiff just steam it again with the iron and towel. As far as discoloring the wood, it's just like getting the wood wet. It darkens it at first but when it dries out it is back to the same color. Have fun with your board.  

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