Just got our kit, getting started, great auk dbl design question

Hello all, we took delievery of our kit on Tuesday, just in time to be able to get a good start over the long weekend.  I have a question on the wood layout design.  I was looking at different ideas, and so far, this is the one I like the best: 


But, can we do this on the GA dbl, which has a peak down the middle?   I can't tell if the light colored curve at the front stays on one side of the peak.  I am asking now since we are getting ready to start striping, and we need to decide which wood goes where.  This is our first kayak, but we both have wood working experience...    Thanks in advance for advice...  -Carla-


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RE: Just got our kit, getting started, great auk dbl design question

when executing a stripper with this kind of pattern, you will lay out the curved pieces first and then work the other woods around it.

so the good news is you can simply try it and see how it looks....and you are not committed until you start gluing the adjoining pieces.

it's not atypcical when working with patterns like this that you will temporarily position a piece, eyeball it....and adjust before moving on.

in looking at the picture, it does not look to me like it crosses over the centre-line.  

but that said, when you have a peaked deck like this or anything along the centreline...a little extra planning is called for.  

first to think about is the mechanix of the centreline if you happen to be using bead and cove.  usually on the centreline, you will cut the bead off of the two mating pieces on either side of the centreline so that you have a groove going out to each side.   if you want to do the pattern with a single piece of wood down the centreline, you will cut off the bead and groove so each side is flat and then cut off the bead for the first strips to the right and left.

the other decision/planning item is how you want to address the peak....with a single strip down the middle or two adjoining.  if you want to have a single piece, you will need to take a bit off the peaks on the forms so you can staple the wood. when you get to the finish sanding, either method will use the final sanding to finalize the peak from the outside.

between these considerations and the pattern you are doing on the boat, you will pull the whole thing together.  

hope that helps



RE: Just got our kit, getting started, great auk dbl design question

   Howard, thanks for your comments, very helpful. We were test fitting the sheer strip which raised another question.  Please excuse me if my terminology is not yet correct.  One of the videos says to bevel the bottom edge of the sheer strip so that the edge is parallel to the floor. (With the kayak upside down, this would be the edge facing the floor. ).  But on the great auk,   humm  what is the best way to describe it.... The change in angle is pretty  abrupt at that point.  If you beveled the bottom edge of the sheer strip you end up with an almost perpendicular mate where you transition to the deck. This doesn't seem right. And actually,  even without beveling that edge, making that transition is going to be difficult without shaving stripes very thin. What are we missing?  -cjr-

RE: Just got our kit, getting started, great auk dbl design question


your instincts are correct....you are not missing anything.  

each design has different characteristics with respect to hull shape at the shear strip.

in general,  the matings edges angle should bisect the the angle of the pieces that mate above and below the shear line.  so an edge should only have a 90 degree edge if the pieces mating at the shear are 180 degrees (e.g, no bend or a vertical side).  as another example,  if the shape above and below the shear forms a 90 degree angle than the mating pieces should be beveled to 45 degrees.

for most designs, the angle will change at different stations so it is one of the more complex pieces to shape.  but you just take your time and work it.

i would also recommend picking up one or more of the books http://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/boat-building-books-kayaking-dvds/building-strip-planked-boats-nick-schade.html   and/or  http://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/boat-building-books-kayaking-dvds/strip-built-sea-kayak-nick-schade.html

these give a really good treatment of the details and i found them very useful on top of any videos.

hope this helped




RE: Just got our kit, getting started, great auk dbl design question

   Thanks howard, again, very helpful,  I'll look at those books, we have one already, but I think there are better. ..

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