Putting a Drain Plug in a Dory

I built a NE Dory and sometimes my cover lets rain in when it's sitting up right.  I can bail the water out, but I'd rather not have to.  For winter, I'll capsize it and store it like that due to snow.  Otherwise, it'd be nice to have a plug, but I can't seem to get a good spot in the hull for it...  I don't want to hurt hydrodynamics, but where would be the least invasive spot?



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RE: Putting a Drain Plug in a Dory


After looking at the NE Dory lines, I would suggest drilling through the transome as close to the bottom as you can.  When I built my boat, my friend Bob drilled the hole perfectly.

RE: Putting a Drain Plug in a Dory


Some small boaters use self bailers for the drain pug and a way to bail any splash that accumulates while under sail or possibly underway. The slef bailer is usually placed on one side at the lowest point on the hull when the hull is resting in the water. Some will have a small leak if open and not under way.

A drain plug in the transome works best if the boat is stored with a raised bow so the drain plug is the lowest point of the sotred boat.



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