How do you transport?

Hey all,

How do you transport your mast, oars, spars, rudder, tiller, and sails?  I was just wrapping some things up in a beach towel or life jacket and tossing them in my NE Dory.  It wasn't a problem until recently, when they all scratched and banged together.  It's all cosmetic damage that I'll be fixing over winter, but what do you guys do when you trailer your boats?  My jeep doesn't fit everything, so I'm thinking about making a large PVC tube for my mast, and something like a big rifle case for everything else.  


What do you do?

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RE: How do you transport?

   I open my crazy creek camp chairs and lay them flat on two thwarts, then lash the sail, yard and boom and one set of oars on one side of the daggerboard trunk. Mast and everything else goes on the other side. Secure by running a line through limber holes and around thwart. I have a lug rig though, the mast fits in the boat. This winter I’ll make cradles with multiple foam lined cut outs for oars and spars to keep things separated. Will toss them in the truck before launch.



RE: How do you transport?

I had these made by a sailmaker/canvas shop out of sunbrella I had laying around.  Actually the material was an old discarded cover of a 30' sailboat.

  Oars:  I have one  bag for each pair with a separator in each bag so the oars dont touch and a drawstring at the open end

Yards/sail:  One long bag with a full length zipper.  I put a sail tie around the spars and sail and lay it in the bag.

Tiller Extension:  Goes in same bag with yards/sail

Rudder, Daggerboard, Mast Thwart:  Same guy made custom shaped bags with closure clips out of indoor/outdoor carpet. (my tiller disconnects from the rudder and stays clipped to the tiller extension)

Mast:  Same guy made "socks" to go over each end out of the same carpet

I then lay the mast, oars and sailbag on the thwarts, lay the carpeted pieces in the boat put a strap over the boat to the rear tie points on the trailer and put on the travel cover.

No tie downs at all and it works just fine.  



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