Bending side rails on Pocket Ship

I'm having trouble bending the side rails on the pocket ship. I'm using mahagony, and the bow is proving too much for my lumber. These have been scarffed to get the length. Has anyone had success steaming wood with epoxiy scarffs? I'm guessing the heat isn't good for the scarffs. I'm in Idaho with very dyr air. Any thoughts?

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RE: Bending side rails on Pocket Ship

Hey Hungry,

Do you mean that the wood is splitting or cracking, or do you mean you cannot get it to bend enough?  Heat dramatically weakens epoxy so steaming or heating might not be a good solution to your problem.  Soaking,the sections you need to bend in cold water takes longer but may work better.  Be careful to let the wood thoroghly dry out before gluing or coating it afterwards.

I cannot say that I've ever soaked stock that has been glued with epoxy, so you should probably experiment with some scraps before trying it on the real thing.



RE: Bending side rails on Pocket Ship

   If it is only near the ends that you can not get the bend right you may be able to use a heat gun to warm only that part, feathering the heat so you do not get a sudden curve.  Perhaps create a bending gig on a piece of plywood with blocks and wedges so you can heat, bend a bit more than you need and then let it cool in place. I would expect some spring back.  Keep the heat away from the scarf. 

PS: I have never done this but it should work.  


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