Photo contest rules suggestion

CLC folks,

I just looked at the newest entrants for the photo contest and have exactly the same problem I've had every month - I can't pick one best one. What would you guys say to modifying the rules to allow mutliple picks, say 2 or 3? At the end of the month, whichever photo got the most votes would still win, but at least we wouldn't be stuck with trying to pick just one "bestest of the best" ourselves. Instead, our fellow viewers/judges would collectively help us out.

What would be even better, though probably too much of a change to apply for this year, would be to have different classes. Like, best with kid, best without kid, best of boat, best from boat, best with pet, etc.

The pictures are just too good and say too many different things to have to pick a single best one.

Give me a hand here,



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