Refinishing around deck pads

I thought I had seen a thread about this topic but of course I can't seem to find it now that I want to reference it. 

 After a few seasons of hard use I think it's now time to refinish my paddleboard this winter. I'm assuming there's no way to remove and reuse the deck pads – correct?  The pads are still in fine shape and well attached to the deck so it seems a shame to waste them. I'm not crazy about the idea of revarnishing around them  but if others have done so with no ill-effect I may go that route. 


 Also, I am well pleased with the performance of the graphite coating I put on the bottom of my kids kayaks and thought I might add the same to the hull of the paddleboard. Any tips for doing this successfully?  I'm guessing that as long as I sand through the varnish into the epoxy but not into the fiberglass, I'll be OK. 




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RE: Refinishing around deck pads

   I've refinished around deck pads with no problem. There's no way to get them off and re-use them. And you're right about the graphite, sand to the epoxy and it'll be fine. 

George K

RE: Refinishing around deck pads

Thanks, George- that's all I needed to hear.



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