Skerry mast

I anticipate ordering my Balanced lug sail from CLC in the coming month. Meanwhile I have been making my mast, boom and yard.  I was able to find some quarter sawn Sitka spruce in South Bend, Indiana and after milling the rough lumber I laminated three boards with thickened epoxy to get a spar 12 feet long and 2 inches square.  (see attached link to photos). The first 23.5 inches is left square then the corners are planed down and the mast tapered to a 2 inch diameter at the top.  My question is about weight. The mast feels pretty heavy and weighs 10.8 lbs.  Is this too heavy and should I shave it down some more or is this about right?

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RE: Skerry mast

   Never mind. I just found that air dried Sitka Spruce weighs 27 lb/cu ft so my mast should weigh around 9 lbs. I guess the other 1.8 lbs is epoxy, filler and varnish.  Maybe a little more moisture than their cu ft sample. 

RE: Skerry mast

Nice looking mast!  I am not familiar with the Skerry mast weight or dimensions, but I have worked with Sitka Spruce before.  I used to live in SE Alaska which has a lot of high quality Sitka Spruce.  It is very strong and light weight wood.  It looks like you got some very nice clear grain pieces to use for your mast.

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