Cocktail class racer

Hello all, i am somewhat new to boat building and especially stitch and glue.  recently i purchased the Cocktail class racer kit from here and am having a bit of trouble with the spreading of the hull panels. the stern goes very well but the bow keeps splitting and i am not able to get them tight enough.  is it possible to shave some of the mid section to make it fit and cometogether better??

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RE: Cocktail class racer

   You might be drawing up the wires too tight. 

RE: Cocktail class racer

   i had them loose as possible, and even had a helper.

RE: Cocktail class racer

   How much of a gap do you have? If it's an eighth of an inch or so it won't be a big deal as you'll have a fillet inside and the keel on the outside. Don't know why you're getting a gap, the panels should fit together in the bow forms. Make sure the two sawhorses are lined up properly so the bottom panels are fair. Also try stitching the panels together stacked face to face and open them like a book. 

George K

RE: Cocktail class racer

You're not Bart Boyer from Asheville are you?

Hooper Williams

Brevard, NC 

RE: Cocktail class racer

   no brandon boyer from DE.  i did live in Jacksonville tho.  and i finally got it! took a bit of tweaking with the stitches and some clever clamping.  hope to have some pics soon of her. thanks al!

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