trailering a Passagemaker

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Passagemaker boat building class at the Great Lakes Boat Building School.  I then trailered my half completed Passagemaker from the upper peninsula of Michigan to North Carolina. Along the way, I encountered our nations's crumbling infrastructure  with the many road repairs in most every state.  While I had a Trailex trailer to deliver the vessel to its new home, I was a bit underprepared as to how to secure the boat to the trailer. The boat took a beating not only from the roads but the storms along the way.  Bailed out my boat with a canvas boat bag in Ohio.  The boat holds water well and I suspect it will float too! 

 All prior boats that I have owned (Flying Scot and MC Scow) all had bow eyes to secure the bow of the boat. That together with two straps running across the boat from port to starboard have been sufficient.

As I did not have a bow eye, a placed a strap from the handle to the to secure the boat  and keep it from sliding off the trailer boat skids. I was concerned about the load at the one point but checked in out on my travels only to find that when half way through Ohio, there was a small crack in the veneer on the outside of the handle. I re-rigged the strap over a handle of a hammer to distribute the force over a larger area and made it home without further incident. The veneer crack was repaired with a little epoxy and some heavy clamping. Looks and feels nearly as good as new. 

How have others secured their Passagemakers to their trailers?  Have you installed bow eyes and if so, how did this affect the installation of the bow knee brace?  The cockpit of the Passagemaker has no drain.  Has anyone installed a drain in a Passagemaker?  CLC sells a brass drain which I suspect is for their larger boats.  Has anyone else considered a drain or bailer of some sort in the Passagemaker?

Pat Yeatts

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RE: trailering a Passagemaker

I have settled on an Andersen Bailer for my Passagemaker after carefully considering several other options.  I have no expectation of 'automatic' bailing unless I succumb to mounting a small outboard on her.    Wichard makes a number of bow eyes and its a simple process to notch out the bow knee brace during construction to support the eye.  Bow knee brace already epoxied in place!.... then trim some SS316 fender washers to spread the load internally.  

RE: trailering a Passagemaker

   Thanks Roger.  I purchased a Winchard bow eye, drilled the holes, filled with epoxy and redrilled.  Have not installed the bow knee brace yet so no problem to notch it out to accommodate the bow eye backing plate.

Like many folks, I have an aversion to making a hole in a hull of a boat. I looked over the Andersen bailers and there are various sizes, some of which are installed "internally" and other "externally". I really don't know the difference between the two.  Is there a model that you chose and are there any tricks of installation should I consider this option?



RE: trailering a Passagemaker

Hey pyeatts,

When you install your knee, make sure you don't encapsulate any stainless underneath your fillet.  When deprived of oxygen, stainless loses it's corrosion resistance.  That's why we use silicon bronze screws.

I believe those bailers are what are commonly used on Lasers.  Maybe chat with one of those guys.

RE: trailering a Passagemaker

   Thanks Captain for the tip about encapsulated stainless.......the things I don't know !



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