Kayak-based sailing tri - PHOTOS

I have a number of photos of the craft referred to in my recent enquiry about this subject.   The rig is a beautifully-crafted strip-plank sea-kayak/ sailing tri conversion.   It may prompt readers to be able to put me in contact with the builder (the design is based on the Chris Kulcyzki plans in one of his books).   I'm looking for some details of the main hull/ crossbeam/ float attachment points - there seem to be many variations on this theme.

Alas, I was born about 40 years too late to be able to master the intricacies of sending such photos to this website, but if anyone is interested let me know on lbw@bmail.com.au and I will forward them to your own e-m address.   Please use the above header.   They were sent to me very recently by a group of amateur sea-kayak builders here in Oz so there are no virus or similar concerns.

Thank you...

Lol from Oz

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