Touching up Brightside paint

I've just sanded and repainted my LT 17. I did three coats with a good bit of sanding in between to take down some brush strokes. My question is on this last coat it came out fairly well but there are a few slightly dry spots or brush overlaps that I wouldn't mind touching up. Is there a method for touching up spots on this paint and feathering it in with the surrounding area without having to apply a full coat over the entire hull?


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RE: Touching up Brightside paint

  Here's my experience. My Skerry is painted with Brightsides, Hatteras White and it has suffered scrapes and bruises.  I have found that a carefully applied touch up is hardly noticeable at all.  I don't know if this applies to other colors but you need to protect the epoxy. I haven't tried to sand or polish the patch because as I said it is hardly noticeable. I think I'm going with a two part paint after this coating starts to dull in hopes it won't scratch as easily. It's been 2 years and I keep the boat in the garage and the Brightsides still looks good.  

RE: Touching up Brightside paint

i have done some touch ups with red, blue and yellow (the stuff between refinishings every 3 to 4 years).

i find a 'dry' brush (as little paint as possible) is best to get just a very thin layer of new paint and feather it into surrounding.  when i say a dry brush, i simply mean, don't load it up with any more paint than you absolutely need.  this way the foam will nicely feather it into the adjacent painted area with minimum thickness.

not noticable unless somebody knows where to look is my experience.

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