oar carriers

Has anyone made any easy to use oar carriers for a car roof-rack? I don't mind stuffing my traditional ash oars into the VW Golf but it is a little hard on the passengers and I don't think that my new Dreher oars for my soon to be completed wherry will fit at all. I suppose I could just lash them on but I would perfer something a little more elegant. I sound one idea on-line but it required metal-work which I am not set up to do. Any ideas appreciated. 


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RE: oar carriers

something like this?



I don't know if they will fit your oars. They alos have a set of locks to lock down your oars when not in use.   

RE: oar carriers

   That looks great but not quite what I need. I only have the oars on the roof for less than five minutes so I am looking for something really quick and easy to use. More like a cradle with bungee cord or something. There arecommercial lashings that you can buy but htey are expensive and I am assuming I would need four of them. I may just contrive something with pool noodles. 


RE: oar carriers

  "....  I only have the oars on the roof for less than five minutes......"


Piece of pool noodle on the rack. Cut one side like a "C" and place on cross arm. Then bungee the oar to it.  Rember Grumpy's rule 10 minute rule..........A 10 minute job will always  take two hours..............5 minutes better be good for 1 hour.

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