Widening the cockpit in a Mill Creek 13


A question for CLC or people who have built a Mill Creek.

I am interested in adding some storage compartments inside a MC13 (which I'll start building soon) to hold fishing gear.  The MC cockpit is 17" wide but the beam is 29" (I assume it's widest at the deck join), which gives me a spare 12", or 6" either side to play with.

Assuming I leave some deck to cover the chines, say 2" either side, does anyone foresee any problems with widening the cockpit to 25" across?  This would then give some room on either side of my body for accessory holders (so the deck isn't cluttered up). I'd curve the sides in to the point they currently meet at the front.

Apart from this space issue, the MC seems ideal.  And beam is about as wide as a kayak could be with a low seat, without interfering on paddling motion.

Interested in any thoughts.

Melbourne, Australia

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