Reading material suggestions?

Just curious about what magazines people like to read. I enjoy Wooden Boat, and am looking for suggestions for something else paddle related.

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RE: Reading material suggestions?

You might want to try Small Craft Advisor.

RE: Reading material suggestions?

Try "Messing Around in Boats".  Great little magazine!   

RE: Reading material suggestions?

  Have you subscribed to Small Boats Monthly? I havent yet but intend to.   It's an online adjunct to Wooden Boat.

Then there's also Duckworks Boat Builder’s Supply.   He has an online magazine with lots of great articles.

You dont happen to live in Maine do you?  (if so, was going to recommend joining the Maine Island Trail Assoc)

Another one is

Oops one more:  Traditional Small Craft Association

That and the ones recommended above ought to be enough to keep any wooden boat builder off the streets


RE: Reading material suggestions?

Thanks for the great suggestions, these were exactly what I was looking for. These should keep me out of trouble for a while!  And I'm in Louisville, KY, so Maine is a bit far.

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