NE Dory Sail Rig Question

I am in the process of convincing my wife I need to build the NE Dory.  We used to live on the water in Annapolis but had to move to St. Louis.  The only realistic way to keep sailing out here is in small boats.  The Dory will fit 95% of our mission.  One part of the mission is to teach my 5 year old daughter to sail.  Now to my question about the sail rig.  I would like to have both the balanced lug and the sloop rig.  I like having a head sail and playing with sail trim.  However, I think my daughter will pick up sailing faster with the balanced lug rig.

I noticed the mast rake is different for the different rigs.  Has anyone successfully run both rigs?  With minor modifications is it reasonably possible to run both?

Thanks for the help.


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RE: NE Dory Sail Rig Question



   Go to the Northeaster Dory on this site and click on "sailing component kit-lug" where it says "view contents"  The page that pops up has a link to "dory lug rig install guide"  That will tell you everything you need to know about the lug sail on the Northeaster dory  On the second page it will tell you that you can easily change between the lug rig and the sloop rig  Here's a shortcut.​


RE: NE Dory Sail Rig Question

Thanks for pointing me to the right documents.  Somehow I missed the links.


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