Forms on shearwater sport

In the manual for the shearwater sport hybrid,  it shows the forms at 1 foot on center starting at the bow back to the stern.  In order to place those correctly they spread the hull at the bow and stern enough that after the deck is built and forms removed the hull will spring back in thus making the deck not fit correctly.  Is it necessary to place the forms exactly at 1 foot on center, if so how do you prevent the side panels from springing back?

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RE: Forms on shearwater sport

What stage are you at? Full glass and bulkheads in the hull? Just tacked? I haven't built the hybrid, but the regular SWS went back together pretty easily. MIght need to trim the ends a little bit. I fought with a bulkhead on one build, only to figure out that I had cut it 1/2 inch too small. The hybrid guys should be along soon with a better answer. Good Luck, JRC.

RE: Forms on shearwater sport

   Don't worry about the one foot location, just put them in until they get snug but not so much that they push the hull apart. The important part is lining up the curved ends of the forms with the top of the shear. Be sure the keep the forms perpendicular to the centerline.

I just finished putting the forms in my Shearwater 17 hybrid, knowing these things would have prevented some side trips for my build. Now I have to learn strippping.



RE: Forms on shearwater sport

   I am ready to glass and epoxy the outter hull and I have taped the temporary bulkheads front and rear to hold the sides out when I install the deck . they seem to fit snug . Just waiting for warmer weather as it has been -18 - -27 C for the last two weeks

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