Mill Creek 16.5

First time boat builder in the process of constructing a Mill Creek 16.5. Just finished glassing the bottom. Some lessons learned:

  • I used CA glue on the puzzle joints. Very easy and held together fine until I was able to glass the inside/outside.
  • I stained the hull prior to putting it together. If I did it again I would wait till after I rounded all the chines/edges. Basically I had to stain the entire hull again.
  • No problem staining the puzzle joints after using CA glue and then sanding.
  • I would round the bow/stern more than I did prior to glassing. Had trouble with the glass tape on the sharp corners of the bow/stern. Did not think about these edges when I was sanding.

I will post a picture as soon as I figure it out.

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RE: Mill Creek 16.5


RE: Mill Creek 16.5

   Thought there might be thoughts/critism/compliments posted by someone.

What is the best way to blend the glass tape edges. Seem to be a little too prominent.



RE: Mill Creek 16.5

Nobody else jumped in, so, What I would do is to roll on 2-3 thin filler coats. Then sand the high spots with 80 grit, real quickly. Keep building up epoxy and work through 120-220-320 grit papers. If you keep the temps up and only wait until the epoxy passes the cotton ball test, you can get 2-3 coats per day. You will find that you don't really need that many coats of epoxy, keep them thin. good luck.

RE: Mill Creek 16.5

   I like the color of your stain.  As I understand it you stained before assembly, is that right?  Or you did once before & once after?

RE: Mill Creek 16.5


I used  Behlen Solar Lux Light Red Mahogany stain. It is a nice color and actual helps hide the puzzle joints. I stained prior to assembly but after you sand down all the sharp edges I had to stain again. With the puzzle joints and CA glue I think you could actually stain the hull after assembling the hull. I left the inside the natural color of the wood. That would be more difficult to stain with all the filet work. I was real happy with the color.








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