Where to stow oars?

I am trying to figure out where to stow the 8ft oars when sailing my Skerry with a passenger.  Any good ideas?


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RE: Where to stow oars?

   Get a pair of open oar locks for the second pair of oar lock sockets (and the chains that prevent them from falling out) to use as a cradle when sailing.  Keeps them out of the way really well.  Hard to tell but it looks like picture 14 in the skerry photo gallery has done this.   I have them on my dory and they work great.

RE: Where to stow oars?

   Thanks for the reply. I've seen a couple of pics where the oars were stowed on the oarlocks.  Do you lash them down in some way to keep them there?  I have the "horn" oarlocks that are open on top.  Also, do you feel that this is a safe location for them if the boat were to capsize?  Not that I plan to do that.  



RE: Where to stow oars?

I've seen some builders use ball ties around the oar when in the stored position around the inner rail...if you dont have inner rails, can you attach a pad eye to a bulkhead or drill a hole?  I havent secured mine yet because my main oar locks are closed ones and I have the keeper chains on my open oar locks that are used to cradle the oar..

OARLOCK SAFETY CHAINS     BRASS PAIR                141636   

RE: Where to stow oars? 2 piece oars?

   How about 2 piece oars?  Has anyone used these?



RE: Where to stow oars?

>> ...if the boat were to capsize?  Not that I plan to do that.  

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! :-)

In my experience, when I've suddenly needed oars while sailing I've needed them NOW. There wasn't time to assemble them or get them out of complicated storage systems. I would recommend 1-piece oars and the simplest storage system you can come up with.

Have fun,



RE: Where to stow oars?

   I agree with Laszlo.  I would be less concerned about securing them (they will float) and more concerned about getting at them, quickly.  I have never had an issue just having them laying across the thwarts.  With a passenger, they can just move them if they switch sides... no big deal.



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