plywood discoloration

I just laid out the plywood deck pieces for my expedition wherry and noticed that the wood has changed colour where it was exposed to the light. It did not change colour where it was masked by other pieces so now, on the side with the prettier grain, I have a large faded patch with a puzzle edge. It wasn't exposed to direct sunlight; the box with the panels was standing on its side up against a wall. My question for the folks in the know is: will this be noticable after the glass/epoxy coating and three to five coats of varnish is on? Or perhaps the whole piece will discolor once it is all exposed to sunlight? My hope is that it will make a novel enough pattern on the foredeck that I won't mind having it there.

We have had our first frost here in Nova Scotia so I don't suppose she will see much sunlight before spring. Which also begs the question: does anyone know of a good inexpensive breathable fabric from which I can make a winter cover? I will be storing the boat outside but under a deck so there should be very little inthe way of snow accumulation.


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RE: plywood discoloration

   The plywood will fade to match. I had some spots where the epoxy didn't look quite right. But, now 3.5 years later the sun has blended everything to the point that I can not see it. So, it is time for more varnish.

The cheapest place for fabric like what you are looking for is the clearance bin at Wal-mart. Usualy some kind of polyester fabric for $1-$1.50 per yard, that is 45 to 60 inches wide.

RE: plywood discoloration

Thanks for the advice. The Walmart stores in NS have stopped selling fabric by the yard but there are other places which have it discounted.

I plan to go ahead and put the faded surfaces onthe visible side. Sadly, if they were only six or seven inchs bigger thay would look like I had added them to the design intentionally.  If they are too distraciing I can always paint.   

RE: plywood discoloration

   I bet that a light sanding with 120 before assembly/glassing will even out the color of your wood.

RE: plywood discoloration

   I would like to appreciate your noble effort of letting me know a lot about the plywood discoloration. Useful tips especially regarding the use of epoxy coating , I found  it very useful. Thanks

RE: plywood discoloration

Thanks Mark N for helping to divert a blemish. A light sanding did indeed dull the fade out pattern so that it blends in.    

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