solvent to remove tape residue

áI had taped off part of an epoxied and sanded panel with clear packing tape. After removing the tape a lot of sticky residue is left behind that cannot be removed with denatured alcohol, mineral spirits or acetone. I would expect it to come off with a stronger solvent, e.g. paint thinner, but I am worried it might damage the epoxy. Any suggestions for what type of solvent can be used safely? Many thanks in advance!

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RE: solvent to remove tape residue

   I used Orange Goop to get the residue off my boat. The citrus oil cleaners handle the sticky stuff without hurting the epoxy.



RE: solvent to remove tape residue

Thanks, I have some of the stuff and will give it a try.

Out of general curiosity, do you know whether epoxy is affected by any of the stronger solvents like paint thinner etc.?

RE: solvent to remove tape residue

Some of the solvnts can soften or disolve the epoxy if present in sufficient quantity. Also they could cause blushing if not fully removed.

RE: solvent to remove tape residue


Following advice from John Harris, I used 120 sandpaper and laquer thinner with a scraper to finally remove all that sticky goop. (He advised against using soaps or mineral spirit as that might leave traces behind that prevent new epoxy layers from properly connecting to the existing epoxy.)
It still took quite a bit of rubbing, scraping and sanding until the surface felt clean again. In the future I will make sure to remove the tape *much* more quickly.

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