Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

I'd appreciate any comments on where you/passenger(s) sit while sailing a NE Dory.

I've found that while sailing solo I like to sit on thwart 3 facing forward, and slide a few inches to windward after a tack.  When healing I can brace my leward foot on the hull panel and tuck my windward foot up on the floor more under me.  Anyone have other ideas for sailing solo?

Also, where do you and a passenger sit if you are sailing with a guest?




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RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

I should have said that I have a lug rig, so only one sheet and no stays.   

RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

   I do the same on my lug-rigged dory.  I have the push-pull tiller under my right arm.  The end of the tiller has a 4" dowel going through, about 4 inches from the end, so it looks like this a +.  I find that this is a very handy grab point since I can put an index finger around the dowel and keep the  tiller from slipping.  I can also wrap the halyard around it diagonally and hold both tiller and halyard with the right hand (in certain situations, when everything is stable).  Love how stable the dory feels when moving with any good speed.  Have fun!

RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

Thanks Frank, i like the dowel idea, think I'll do that too..   on the line you wrap around it, did you mean main sheet? 

Also, to you and all readers, if you sit on thwart 3 where do you have a guest sit?

Thanks!  Curt

RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

   Oops.  Yes, I meant mainsheet. Yikes.  One other way in which the dowel is useful:  on the right side of the boat I have attached a carabiner, looped through which is a velcro strap.  I can wrap the strap around the tiller to secure it, and the dowel keeps it from pulling out.  Prior to rigging that up, I had several times lost the tiller over board.  No more.  Access to that is easy from the third thwart.  One more advantage.  Frank

RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

Another good idea...I have a line tied to my inner rail and a clove hitch on the tiller extension but when I drop it and it goes overboard, it's still a pain to pull on the line...I like the beaner/velcro idea..thanks!

RE: Dory Seating Positions While Sailing?

Good Morning !

My lovely bride and I have a sloop rig on our dory and found the forward position completely unsatisfactory.  As the forward crew you have to kiss your ankles to tack or push the boom over you head.

After discussion with John H. we added two feet to the bottom of the mast. It's not easy to cut an 11:1 scarf but we found some help from a friendly woodworking shop.  We used epoxy and clamps to secure the joint. Obviously the shrouds and forestay have to be relocated on the mast but that's quite easy.

It's much easier to sail and it's clearly not "overpowered" by the insreased height.  The next step will be to change the mainsail shape so the boom is level adding about 20% more to the sail plan.  I also intend to increase the size of the jib so that it goes to the top of the forestay.

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