Eastport Pram Pintles Interfere with Kickup Rudder

Almost done with my build:


I've mounted the Schaefer gudgeons and as I was looking into installing the pintles on the rudder head, I noticed that the bolts will poke through the cheeks and interfere with the kickup rudder.  In fact, there's almost no meat to bolt the pintles through if you use the profile for the kickup rudder from the plans.  Any suggestions?



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RE: Eastport Pram Pintles Interfere with Kickup Rudder

The rear set of holes on the lower pintle would interfere with the kick-up rudder blade.  In kits we provide through-bolts for both holes in the upper pintle, and for the forward hole of the lower pintle.  All of those clear the rudder blade.  For the aft holes, we provide 1/4-inch panhead screws which are driven into the cheeks on either side.  The short screws don't intrude on the pivoting rudder blade.

I doubt those screws are contributing much besides keeping the lower pintle oriented in the correct axis.  But in such a small boat the pintles aren't exactly highly-loaded!  Our demo Eastport Prams have had the pintles rigged that way since about 2002 and show no signs of letting go despite concerted abuse.

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