Bow and stern grabs...

...hi all, 

So I have finally "finished" my Sassafras 16 (from a library book) and am now wondering if anyone has any advice, hints or tips for tying bow and stern down on my Ford Explorer to take her for her naming and maiden paddle.  I am not a big fan of drilling through the gunwhales or hull to have rope grabs (as I thinkk they might spoil the look).  

Oh, and I live in Calgary, AB, so there aren't any chandlers around here.

I should be very interested to hear of anyones solutions.  If needs be I could put a rope grab on either end and splice it to make it look nice...but if anyone has ideas of deck hardware to tie down and to add a painter, that would be great.

Many thanks.


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RE: Bow and stern grabs...

   You can add grab handles you can purchase from CLC to the fore and aft decking. I would use the drill and fill method.


RE: Bow and stern grabs...

   Here's a minimalist approach:

Just drill a 3/8"ø by 1" or so deep blind hole (make sure it doesn't go through or open into the boat), add a few drops of neat epoxy to seal it, then press a knotted small loop into the hole, then fill the remainder with slightly thickened (and black tinted in this case) epoxy. It's cleaner if you wrap the rope loop with tape just above deck level, until the epoxy cures.

(I forget what the pic linking deal is here, so I'm trying two ways!)

RE: Bow and stern grabs...


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