deck forms for WD 10 & 12 hybrids

  Having problems with getting the hot melt glue to stick to epoxy, even if I sand the epoxy it releases after about 15 minutes any suggestions?

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RE: deck forms for WD 10 & 12 hybrids

   So I call CLC and they didn't really have an answer for me but to try wood glue which would be a long time holding the mold till it tacks. Here is my solution:

Since the as I'm putting the molds in with hot glue the molds are not popping up and out of the hull but when the molds can be moved back and forth, fore and aft. I am afraid that if I apply pressure to those molds by clamping the deck strips that the mold will pop out.

I have not glassed the outside of the hull yet and I am going to stitch the molds in place, overhang the deck by 3\8" and glue the deck on with the molds in place. By overhanging the deck I can then run a fillet around the outside of the deck and then pull the molds out and fillet and tape the inside. Then the overhand and fillet will act as a rub rail. Then glass outside of the hull over the fillet.

My solution and any comments are welcome and encouraged.


RE: deck forms for WD 10 & 12 hybrids


I had some similar issues when setting up my deck forms.  In my experience I needed plenty of hot glue to get the forms to stick to the hull, and it was nearly impossible to hold the form still while also applying the hot glue and waiting for it to tack up.  My solution was to use packing tape to hold the form down, pressed into the hull.  I would try to hold the form in place with tape and then use the hot glue.  The tape has to overlap a long way onto the deck form and onto the hull, since it is not tacky enough to stick to the forms easily.  

I would also use a lot of patience.  The advantage to hot glue is that it is easy to clean off.

I would prefer to do it this way again instead of wood glue, because I found that I wanted to move the deck forms around a bit (after the first try), and it would be even more tedious to break the wood glue bond to the hull.

RE: deck forms for WD 10 & 12 hybrids

   Good idea


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