First Duckling paddle

My 4 year old granddaughter just had her first paddle in her not quite finished Wood Duckling. I got the boat and blades for a pint sized euro paddle and a small SUP paddle out of wood I bought 20 odd years ago for a Chris Kulczycki design that I saw in Wooden Boat magazine. That was nmy introduction to CC. For those new to CLC Chris was in at the start.  That wood stayed on the bottom of the pile through 9 builds over the years but finely got wet in the shape of the Duckling. My family has 2  Pax 18's, a Shearwater 17 and 14, Chesapeake Double, Northeaster Dory, 2 SUP's, the Duckling (now finished) and in the workshop 2 Sup's and a Shearwater Sport. One of the SUP's is a 10.5 footer that my son-in-law designed for my granddaughter but everything else is pure CLC, so I think we're doing our part to keep the CLC gang in beer money. I'm a better builder that a videographer but here's a couple of shorts of the first ever paddle. My granddaughter wasn't too happy with us helping her because to quote her "I know how 'cause I saw Dad and Mom do it" SEEYA Jack]

She also tried out her SUP paddle on her dad's board.]

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