Fiberglassing for the first time

I am building the Peeler and just fiberglassed the bottom. It seemed to go well and after 2 coats I lightly sanded and put on a 3rd coat. My concern (and question) is that I did not "tip it out" and I have thousands of little bubbles. Should I sand and apply another coat? If I do I assume I "tip out" the bubbles when wet - there are thousands though and it seems it would take quite a while. When I tried on the last coat it didn't seem to be working (popping the bubbles).

Also, I did not sand and "feather out" the overlap of the fiberglass in the first 3 coats so you see  the line. I was worried about sanding into the fabric but now there's more coats and I don't know if I can get to it to sand it flush? What would you recommend?

Thanks, Jack

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