Leeboards on Northeaster Dory

I am building the Northeaster dory with the sailing option. It seems to me the daggerboard trunk takes up a lot of space and might make the thwart uncomfortable for rowing. Has anyone tried putting leeboards on a dory? If so, what was the result?

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RE: Leeboards on Northeaster Dory

 The daggerboard is between the front and middle seats. A leeboard would have to be at the widest point of the hull, between the middle and aft seats. That would give you lee helm unless you changed the sail rig. If you moved the mast aft to compensate, you'd have to redesign the mast step and mast partner and their supporting mechanical structures.

Adding in the support structures for the leeboards on each side, you'd end up with a more crowded cockpit than with the daggerboard.



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