Peeler Skiff completed!!!

Just completed a plan built Peeler Skiff that I started Janurary 1st.

Official launch was last Sunday.  What a great design.   Made a few modifications.  Fun build and even more fun on the water.






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RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

Thanks for sharing. You have been busy to have it completed already from plans. Good job and enjoy!!

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

Excellent work. The Peeler really is a fun boat to build. Have you named her yet?  

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

   In all fairness to other builders out there, let the record show that I retired December 19th and my shop was the perfect place to spend the Vermont winter.  So the build went fairly quickly.

I'm naming it the "Tres Amigos"  in reference to my three young grandsons who are going to learn all about boats and fishing.

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

Three cheers for the good ship "Tres Amigos" and the wonderful grandfather who will touch the future with her.  

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

   If I might ask, in what part of Vermont do you reside?  My daughter (13y.o.) and I just started our Peeler Skiff last week.  We live outside of Burlington and we would love to see a comleted skiff.


RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

Nice work!  What's lining the bottom of the boat?

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

   Beautiful boat! Nice to see so many VT builders here! I have moved around the state the past few years. Currently purchasing a house in Manchester, VT with a large barn that will be my woodworking/boatbuilding shop.

RE: Peeler Skiff completed!!!

  Sorry to be late in answering these posts.  I've been busy fishing..........


I  live in Sharon, VT.  Too bad I didn't see this earlier.  I spent the weekend on LC on Willsboro Bay going after lake trout.  Planning on going up again in the fall.  Perhaps we can get together then.  We always go through Burlington to catch the Charlotte Ferry.


The inside bottom is "Aqua Mat" that I picked up from Bass Pro Shop.  It comes in 12" X 12" tiles that you join together to suit your needs.  It's worked out really well, although is a little pricey.

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