Shearwaters Ready to Launch

Ready to put them in the water tomorrow.  Heading out to the Patuxent River bright and early.

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RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch

Absolutely beautiful! Do you have a build log of photos that you took along the way? Can you share details on how you completed the hatches? how do you keep it secured without tabs on top?



RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch

   Thanks!  I do have photos of the complete build.  My wife is quite the photographer and took plenty along the way.  Is there a particular step you are interested in?  The hatch kit was purchased from CLC.  Basically you put 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" blocks against the hull under near where the two hull panels meet.  This block has two holes that you run a piece of bungee through.  The bungees are then pulled and hooked on two J hooks screwed into the underside of the hatch covers.

RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch

   your gonna love paddling those boats

RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch

Thanks for the link to the hatch kit. Do you have additional images that you can share? A link to see more? I would love to see more to continue with the inspiration.

RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch


Those are absolutely stunning! I am looking to buy my first SG kayak and looking at the Chesapeake 18. Funny thing is I am torn over any custom graphics/inlays/staining.

I love the way you did the design. I have never really seen any demonstartion or instruction on how people are doing the inlays on the deck or how people are making the variation in colors in the planks/strips. Is is stain, paint? And at what point in the process is it best to accomplish this?



RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch


I sorted the cedar strips in a way that seemed right.  Dark, grained, light, ect...  The perimeter is a Brazillian hardwood purchased from CLC.  I tired to follow a pattern when installing the strips.  I used masking tape instead of staples to hold the strips in place.  Took a bit of time, but many compliments at the launch and on the water.

The compass rose was laid on top and worked in well with several lavers of epoxy and sanding.  Still raised a bit, 1/64" or so, but to the regualr observer, not noticable.


Have fun, don't worry (the varnish will have bubbles and never be perfect) get out and paddle.


RE: Shearwaters Ready to Launch

   WOW, those are sweet!!! The more I see cedar stripping, either hybrid or full-on, the more I want my next build to be based on that. Lovely job!  Enjoy paddling those beauties!!

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