Smaller Scale Peeler

I am looking for a flat bottomed skiff that can be used by my wife and grand daughter.  I love the Peeler, but think that it might be a little too much for their use.  I currently have a 16' Whaler that is seldom use by anyone other than me and as a result is for sale.  I think that a little sister to the Peeler would fit the bill.  Am I the only one with such a need?  

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RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

   The Jimmy Skiff would be a good alternative. It weighs just under a hundred pounds, can be rowed, sailed or motored and seems like a straight forward build. The Passagemaker is not a flat bottomed skiff but has the same attributes plus a greater payload.

RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

What I am looking for is the middle child - older sister to the Jimmy Skiff and little sister to the Peeler.  This is intended for use by my wife and grand daughter in and around the harbor.  Maximum loading would be 2 adults and 2 large (100lb.) dogs.  The max payload of the JS is only 450 lbs.  The ideal would include:

  • Flat bottomed to allow for easy beaching
  • Light weight <250lbs less the motor
  • Driven by a 4 - 8 hp
  • Good lateral stability


RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

Ask Mr. Google for study plans for the Garvey 11.



RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

   You should also google Tango 12 and Tango 13.


RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

Thank you for the suggestions.  I have seen many other plans/kits for 12 - 14' skiffs.  Some of these are nice and have promise (Bevins Skiff, LYS, Bateau FS 12 & 14).  I don't have the degree of confidence in these that I have in CLC.  What I was hoping for was a groundswell of support - more along the lines of  "that is a great idea" - that would lead to the development of a 13' Peelerette.

RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

  I'd like a 12-13' Peeler.  So many of the small skiffs out there are flat bottomed not designing for planing speeds and the ones that are end up larger than I need like the Peeler or kinda ugly like the Tango.  The Glen-L Utility is one of the few that fit the small, simple, fast planing hull need and look good but I'd rather buy a kit than build from scratch again. 

RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

I have in hand a bulging file of correspondence from people looking for a smaller Peeler.  (Also a bigger one.)

I'm sure we'll do it, though given my track record of estimating delivery dates I'll not be hazarding one...

One curious bit of trivia was that the Peeler started out on the drawing table as a 12-foot outboard skiff, but later grew to its current size.

The Jimmy Skiff is really too light for much more than a tiny outboard or a trolling motor; it was optimized for rowing and sailing.

Peeler Skiff Boat Kit

RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

Almost done with my Peeler but now a year and a half later I wish she was a 20 foot CC Dory Skiff for the ocean!  So, yes John,  please design a nice ocean going inlet running skiff for inshore fishing please.  I'll wait.


RE: Smaller Scale Peeler

Thanks for the reply John.  You picked the perfect size to start out with if you were only going to have one size.  Its a great looking design that appears to perform as good as it looks.     

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