Insurance for a "Peeler Skiff" ???

Hello all,

I just completed a plan built Peeler Skiff and thought it would be a good idea to get it insured.

I spoke with my insurance agent and they wanted pictures, which was not a problem. They had a very hard time finding anyone willing to underwrite a homemade boat for anything other than liability insurance.

They did find a company that might do it but they wanted to know how many boats I had built. (One)  Another company said they might, however I was going to have to pay a marine appraiser to come to Vermont and look at the boat.  Geezzz..........

So my question is....Does anyone out there have any experience with an insurance company that is willing to insure a homemade boat without jumping through a bunch of hoops???

Thanks for the help.


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RE: Insurance for a "Peeler Skiff" ???

I got insurance for my NE Dory through my Allstate agent who wrote the policy through Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance for a very reasonable rate that includes coverage for:

1. emergency services
2. agreed value in case of a total loss (I had them write it for $8,000)
3. replacement cost coverage for repairs - without this if you have repairs the repair costs will be depreciated.  As your boat gets older and older you would be paid less and less.
4. uninsured motorist coverage - in case you are hit by an uninsured boater it will take care of the damage to your boat.

You might check with the insurance company that insures your tow vehicle because many times damage to the boat while being towed comes under the auto policy, so the new policy may be just for while on the water.

I never did check with BoatUS.  They are who I used for marine insurance on all my previous (larger) boats.

RE: Insurance for a "Peeler Skiff" ???

  Thanks so much.  I'll give them a try.


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