Shearwater 17 construction

I have a query about the hull-to-deck joint on the CLC Shearwater 17. 

From the photos on the excellent Construction Gallery, particularly #s 1,3,8,9,12,13,  the deck appears to be put together upside down, with normal tape/epoxy joints made between the upper part of the deck and the two side ‘tumble-home’ sections.   The deck is then turned over and dropped onto the hull like putting a top onto a pie.   All well and good – but how is the internal joint made between the top of the hull and bottom of the sheer panels (I assume it would/ should be taped/ epoxied internally).   Obviously the external joint is easily made, but I cannot see how the inside one is achieved!  

Also, what is the purpose of fibreglassing the interior cockpit section of the craft as shown is some photos too?   I don't recall this as a construction feature of other kayaks.

Thanks - would appreciate some advice/ guidance before I commit myself to building - (sunny Australia!).

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RE: Shearwater 17 construction

The hull to deck joint is wired, filleted and taped just like the other joints.  Do this one side at a time, with the hull standing on its side, by reaching through the cockpit and hatch openings.  Pre-soak the tape in epoxy and roll it out onto still-soft fillets.  Use a stick to get it into the ends.  Check your work with a digital camera before the epoxy cures too much to move the tape around.  It's messy, but a lot easier than it sounds.  I also applied a bead of thickened epoxy to the seams at the ends of the boat before wiring the deck to the hull for the last time.  Sheathing the inside of the cockpit in 6-oz cloth gives you a lot of abrasion resistence, results in a neat installation and is probably no heavier than taping the seams with 9-oz cloth.

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