A little help from my friends

Here's a question for the group to ponder. In a recent move I taped some bubble wrap around an under construction duckling that has had the weave partially filled. I used clear packing tape that left a residue where it contacted the deck. After a light sanding I put a third coat of epoxy on and found that it beaded up on some unseen tape residue. My question is, will a more aggressive sanding remove the tape residue or should I use some solvent and if so what? Any thoughts will be appreciated. SEEYA Jack 

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RE: A little help from my friends

Aggressive sanding will remove anything, but I'd make that plan B. I had really good success getting rid of masking tape residue with a citrus-based hand cleaner that had no petroleum distillates. It claimed to be non-toxic.

I used the citrus product to get rid of all the residue that I could see, then washed it a bunch with denatured alcohol. After a day of drying, I gave it a light sanding and cleaned up the dust with denatured alcohol. There was no problem with the epoxy not sticking.

It took much more time than just sanding would have, but it left the wood in a nicer condition.

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RE: A little help from my friends

Thanks Laszlo I was thinking GooGone, but I'm going to have to sand the beads of epoxy off first I think. Anyway this will just change the build from 98 percent sanding to 99.5 percent so no big deal, right? .SEEYA Jack    

RE: A little help from my friends

I find that GooGone is petroleum based so I'm now thinging lemon juice and water. SEEYA Jack  

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