Lots of water in my board

I have been paddling my kaholo for a little over a year, but after yesterday I had about a cup full of water spill out the breathing tube when I took the plug out after putting my board up on the car. It was windy and choppy. The bow submerged at almost every swell. I only paddled about a mile. 

Any suggestions

dont worry about it?

redo the plug to get a better fit?

install a totally different type of breathing tube?

it was more water than I have ever had after a paddle, usually there is none. It was choppier and windier than normal for me though.

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RE: Lots of water in my board

   I also have been paddling mine for over a year.  I would say that it is not normal.  I've paddled through some stuff on the intercoastal that sounded similar and I've never seen or heard water inside my board.  I suspect the edge of the plug is not seated fully or fudged up.  A little marine silicone RTV around the base of the plug would probably do it.  Also make sure your handles aren't allowing water in.

RE: Lots of water in my board

   Good call on the handles. I hadn't thought about that. I am going to take a look at the handle and the plug tomorrow. Thanks for the input. 

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