Cradle Boat

About 20 months ago my daughter was 6 months pregnant with my first grandson.  I thought to surprise her with a cradle boat since I'm such a boat nut.  I had a rough hull built and was starting to fill in the epoxy between planks when I got the email..."Oh and daddy, NO CRADLE BOATS!!!!!!"   Women's intuition, a spy in the workshop?

Well, it went into the back room at work not to be seen until about 3 weeks ago.  Sunday was my grandson's second birthday and since I could not come up with a suitable gift I decided to "get her back" and convert the cradle to a "Rocking Boat"!

So three weeks ago I began thinking about parallel rails rather that the cross rails that come with the kit.  I also cut out the oval bottom board to accept two little feet to brace.  Some home made oars from dowels I found and bingo, I had a rocking boat.

I apologize, it was rushed. Some things were not carefully thought out but at least the rocker rails are only attached with 1/2" x 3" bolts to disassemble and make storage easier.  The rails are designed to give less "rock" fore and aft to keep the little guy in the boat. I thought we can always change the arc/radius if he needs more excitement.

Hope it inspires some of you grandfathers to reinvent your current project if it isn't getting much use these days. 

Have fun.

John Zeigler

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