Mill Creek Sixteen, mod for outboard motor

The Mill Creek 16.5 has been my first CLC boat to build and  used the well known Stitch-and Glue Boatbuilding book to make it. It took me 3 months to complete it and get it in the water.

I cut off 2 feet, to make it 14'3" long, and it has now a 12" wide transom to mount my small outboard.

I also added a sail, of 25 Sq Ft and it sales very well with a skeg and rudder underneath. To improve that even more, I will buld the leeboard as descriobed in the book, but I recently went canoe camping in it along the shore of some islands near where I live in Vanuatu. On the return journey, we covered 30 km in 6 hours on the open sea, in a following 3 foot chop/swell sailing most of the way. It was very satisfying and a little scarey, but the boat handled very well. I like the deck system, it gives it great strength, keeps a lot of water out but is still open and easy to get into.


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