Epoxy over primer?

Will Epoxy stick to Interlux Pre-Kote primer?  There's a few divots that I didnt notice until after I primered.  Would it be OK to fill those with epoxy / wood flour?

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RE: Epoxy over primer?

 I would remove the primer by scraping or sanding, and then patch the divots with epoxy resin. Sand smooth, let cure, and reprime with Pre-Kote. 


RE: Epoxy over primer?

System 3 Silvertip epoxy ticks to their Yacht Primer, so it is possible for some combinations of epoxy and primer. Unless you can get the epoxy and primer manufacturers to give that to you in writing, though, I'd go with careybob's advice.



RE: Epoxy over primer?

   There are plenty of fillers at the local car paint dealer that work perfect. Easy ro sand too just primer over once faired out


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