Smart Track Rudder

   I am installing the Smart Track rudder system on a West River 18 I am building for my brother, and am looking for some feed back on the installation. I was unaware of how the blade stored in a vertical position and ready to do a return for a Feathercraft when UPS pulled up. After looking at the various parts and pieces, including the pretty schnazzy toe pilot foot braces, there will be no return. The quality of the components was the deciding factor, and the foil is much shorter than I had anticipated.

    So, I guess I have only 2 concerns;

1 - Penetrating the rear deck for the cables. Is some type of "riser" on the deck at the point of penetration a better way to keep a low angle for the tubing and cables?

2 - I ordered the short pin mount as recomended. It appears that the hole in the end pour for the pin is barely going clear the inside of the hull, leaving just the 4mm ply. End pours are pretty rugged, but I am a bit concerned that the sheer strength perpendicular to the stern is going to be compromised. Is this common for this type of mount?

        Any feed back on the installation is greatly appreciated!




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RE: Smart Track Rudder

I am also concerned about the rudder sticking up in the air, more for the exposure to damage in this position. I am going to be installing something on a Ches16, While I believe that the Smart track is a slick system, the Feathercraft seems to be more secure when not engaged.

I'm wondering what others have found.



RE: Smart Track Rudder

   Not much feedback on rudders this week...anyhoo, I will try to ignite the collective creativity of the forum with this bad idea.

      Instead of using the paracord and jam cleat supplied with the smart track system to raise and lower the spring loaded blade, I was thinking of a sliding type of control like you would find on a drop skeg. I can't think of a reason why it would not work but I was wrong once before....


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