The Wooden Canvas

Hi all,

I'm starting to think about building another Kaholo. This vast expance of deck is calling out (to me, anyway) for substantial decoration. The last time out I had some grand ideas for illuminating the board with rice paper designs, etc., but ultimately stained the board a dark red. I wasn't thrilled with my rice paper tests (probably fine for small designs), and I was reluctant to put too much effort into anything that would be applied over the 'glass and thus relatively unprotected.

Any ideas for "all over" decoration that's appropriate for application beneath glass? I suppose the primary concern is delamination. I'm aware of the use of veneers in creating elaborate scenes:

What about ink? Watercolor? Wood burning?

Trying to pin down working parameters to convey to any number of artist friends I might hit up for assistance. FWIW, I'm thinking of using basswood to create a neutral, uniform canvas.



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RE: The Wooden Canvas


Any advice on appropriate mediums for "all over" under-the-glass decoration? Any examples I could check out online?



RE: The Wooden Canvas

 This might not be exactly what your after but I remember seeing a Kaholo in one of the magazines that utilized a cedar strip deck and looked spectacular. You could even take it a step further and stain some of the cedar strips before gluing them up.

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