clean up

I just returned to my shop after being away for about 6 weeks.  I discovered a hole in a container of slow hardner.  I remember using my router table, which is in front of the shelves where my epoxy is stored, and having a kick back on what ever I was doing, and  shrapnel flying.  A piece must have hit the jug and put a small hole in it, right at the bottom.  The hardner is all over the shelf, on top of some tool cases below, and on some wood.  The wood is Sapele, some Black Walnut, and some Maple. Luckily it missed some Teak I have there also.   Any opinions on the best way to clean it all up?  Not sure if I should use vinager, acetone, lacquer thinner or what.  I really would like to salvage the wood.  Of course it is on the center of the planks.

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