Finish my Annapolis Tandem Wherry please

I was about 85% finished with my Annapolis Tandem Wherry when I lost my space to work. I live in a condo studio and have no relatives with a garage.  Storage company will not allow building of boat. 

I am looking for someone not too far from Hazlet, NJ who would be interested in either finishing the boat for money, or taking an almost complete Bangor Packet strip planked in exchange.  I am hoping for a fairly professional job.

The work needed is to finish installing the gunnels.  Then paint white the interior of the fore and aft watertight hatches, instal and epoxy down the tops of the compartments (If memory serves, these are already fitted), Then cut and install the round access hatches.  The interior of the hull is already fiberglassed, filleted and sanded. It only needs varnish.  Then fill and fair a number of gouges (haste makes waste) on the outside of the hull with West light filler material. Resand then prime and final paint.  The outside of the hull is glassed and for the most part, sanded.  I have epoxy, filler powder, prime, paint, hatches, clamps to use for the rail, etc. 

I also have a number of woodworking tools that may be of interest to builders.  I hope to have the Annapolis Tandem Wherry finished by mid May so I can get a month to 6 weeks of practice in for the Blackburn Challenge in mid July.  With a good finish on the boat, I believe I can win or place. 


John Zeigler  [email protected]   

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RE: Finish my Annapolis Tandem Wherry please

   I am very familiar with boats similar to what you're building.  I have built several myself and could finish yours.  I am, however, located in the Fl. panhandle near Tallahassee.  If you'd be interested in my assistance, pls. let me know.  Thank you.

[email protected]

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