- just watched this video and it gave me a flashback of the boat I built when I was 15....  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWSP7YCLu1I

I used pigment on that boat for many reasons, but havent seen reference to using pigment on any CLC info.

Does anyone else use pigment in coats after the wetting out coat?

Two reason at least...one to make it easier to ensure full coverage in successive coats, and two, a person could make the pigment purposely a different color than the paint that will be used to make it more obvious when a scratch is deep enough that it broke thru the paint completely.





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RE: Pigment?

   Yep, in applying fairing filler I alternate light and dark colored coats so I can tell which layer I'm sanding through. I have white pigment, and use a little graphite dust as black.

RE: Pigment?

   Ah...cool...thanks for the info!

Experienced builders know SO many items like this that are not on any CLC info.  I learn so much from you guys and appreciate the knowledge.

I learn a LOT from the Red Barn Boats videos and the Duckworks Magazine articles...wish I would have found those long before my build so I could have known so many tips, improved my build, been more efficient, used less epoxy, and asked fewer questions.


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