epoxy troubles skerry

i'm 24 hours into an epoxy cure on the outside of my skerry. . . its hard but quite tacky and gums when i try to sand it.  

i'm not sure i mixed it exactly right.  


am i being impatient?  its about 65 degrees in my garage.  


1)  lets say the epoxy isn't mixed right.  it is firm but not hard and gums when i try to sand it.  how in the world would i remove this stuff?

2)  once it hardens some. . . does this mean the process WILL happen?


i've been to west systems website and read all of their troubleshooting tips

i'm going to add heat and wait another day.  hopefully she will cure.  

any ideas would be appreciated.  

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RE: epoxy troubles skerry

be patient.  if it is hardening...you are probably ok.

65 in the epoxy world is on the cold side of the scale.....don't give up yet.

as you said, heat it up.  it would probably be good if you could get the temperature up into the upper 70s low 80s.  and you might to leave it at that temperature for a two to three days.

if it's not easy to heat the space, a cheap plastic tarp thrown over the boat and a 60 watt light buld (or two) placed under that tarp can often get the area you are trying to cure nice and toasty.  an inexpensive thermometer is also a great toy to have in the epoxy - boat-building tool kit. 

while it sounds pretty clear that you don't have fully cured epoxy right now, it's good to remember that even well cured epoxy can foul a sanding system if you are not keeping it cool, getting the dust moved away and using the right grit paper for the job....or not changing out your paper often enough. 

a skerry has a lot of sanding.....so you will use a lot of paper. 



RE: epoxy troubles skerry

  I am in the same situation, low temps add to cure time. I have to wait an additional 24 hours to get good sanding. 

RE: epoxy troubles skerry

thanks howard;  

since it has warmed up some today things seem to be getting better.  

thanks so much for your thoughtful reply;  i will add pictures later;  

this really helped!

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