Polyurethane glue (Gorilla glue)

Due to my upcoming work schedule, I'm no longer going to have larger chunks of time to work on my Dory. I'm currently working on putting the scuppered inwales in place, which involves lots of gluing of small pieces, and it would be easier to do small amounts of work (I might only have 20 minutes or so per day) if I didn't have to deal with a 2-part glue.  Does anyone see a problem with using polyurethane glue?

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RE: Polyurethane glue (Gorilla glue)

Most reviews of Gorilla glue have found that it is not as strong as most other glues, never mind what the companies' ads say.  It is waterproof, but messy to use because it foams as it cures.  If you're looking for a strong, one part glue, you might like to use Franklin's Titebond III.  Completely waterproof, inexpensive, easy to sand.

RE: Polyurethane glue (Gorilla glue)

Agree with Peter. Titebond III is good for tightly fitting joints. Needs higher clamping pressure than epoxy, and isn't gap filling. But it should work fine for what you are talking about.

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