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I started building my San O from plans yesterday. Yes CLC will sell you plans for it if you ask  I decided to start with the stringers and bulkheads because I have leftover 6mm Okoume from a previous build, and that's what the bulkheads call for. When I went to look for the stringers on the plans they were not there.  The bulkheads have spaces for stringers, but they are nowhere to be found on the plans. If there is anyone who can help me solve this mystery I would appreciate it. I know that the San O is not a super popular build but you guys must be out there. 



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RE: San O Question

Okay, it's been a few years since I built a couple of them but from what I remember (and I am getting old) the stringers are 4mm and basically end near each forward or aft bulkhead without slots. There is a slight radius, very slight, so the deck sits flush on them. They are the same height as the slotted bulkheads they sit in. Use a piece of cardboard or some cheap plywood (luan, for instance) to make patterns.

George K

RE: San O Question

Thanks George. I wouldn't have thought about cardboard, I am currently looking at old student projects in my classroom to see if I can salvage enough cardboard for the task.

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