I am in the process of building a chesepeake 16 and was wanting to get input on seats.  Any thoughts on the creature comfort seat.  Do you need to build up the keel at all?  Open to other seat Ideas.  Thanks

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RE: Seats

I am looking at the same answers for my project of a Shearwater 16.

Does a Pyranha Connect30 or a Dario Rossi DR15 seats fit in?

Other suggestions?


RE: Seats

I hope I dont offend anyone at CLC...Red Fish Kayak offers a pretty comfy looking minicell seat custom fit to your boat and your own physical dimensions. I have never seen or sat in one but they look like a good design.

RE: Seats

I love my Creature Comfort seat, but it's in a WD12. Don't know how it'll fit in a CH16.

This Saturday at 10:00 am EST there'll be a demo at the CLC open house on making your own custom-fitted minicell seat from scratch. If you can't make it to the shop, try the shop cam. You should be able to see Joey flinging black dust everywhere.



RE: Seats

I have Redfish custom minicell foam seats in both my Shearwater and my Wood Duck.  They are great - you might want to look into making your own if you're on a budget though, or Redfish also sells formed blanks of the bottom that you can customize yourself if you don't want to carve the base. 

RE: Seats - Stadium Seat

Not  a seat per se, but this may work for some applications, is very simple and can be used when not boating, are the canvas stadium seats that have padding, straps from the base to the back so the back provides some support, a zipper to close it flat and a carrying handle.  We used to use them on large sailboats on those hard cockpit seats.



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