While we're on the subject...

Thanks for the advice on scaling up. It's greatly appreciated. Once I have created the templates or transferred the design onto the plywood, what is the best cutting tool? Wish I had a CNC laser cutting machine in my garage, but alas, I am just a working stiff. Next best alternative? Jigsaw? Bandsaw? 3" circular saw? Experience with particular brands? I've used ryobi before, but am not wild about their precision.



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RE: While we're on the subject...

Next best alternative? Yes, yes, and yes. Depends on what parts you're cutting. A jigsaw with a plywood blade is good for roughing out parts, clean them up with planes and rasps. If they're small enough to be cut on a bandsaw, that's my personal choice. And if you're cutting long, shallow curves go for the circular saw. I use a 7.25" blade and set the depth just over the thickness of the plywood. In ALL cases cut outside the line and clean up the parts with block planes, rasps, files, whatever is necessary. If you're making two or more of the same thing stack them up and clean them up together so they're all the same. As far as brands, I've got Porter Cable, Craftsman, Skill, Lie-Nielsen, Stanley, etc. The old addage of 'you get what you pay for' is definitely true of tools. Get the best tool you can afford and tell yourself the cost will amortize itself over the next few boats.

By the way, what boat are you building?

George K

RE: While we're on the subject...

Well, I've been studying plans all Summer. And I think, given the fact that John Harris isn't going to be designing my two-man cruising Faering with double sculling stations anytime soon, then Welford's Navigator with a gaff yawl rig is my build of choice. 




BTW, thanks to Laszlo, George and all for helping out a newbie amateur.



RE: While we're on the subject...

Glad to help. And no wonder ypu're both working from the same-sized plans. They're the same plans. The race is on!




RE: While we're on the subject...

Laszlo, he'll probably win as I have a couple of boats to build first. A few nights a week I work on scaling up a part or two. Not really in any hurry. 

John, the Navigator is a good choice. I've gotten to sail one a couple of times and love the way it handles. It was designed as a sail trainer and I'll be teaching the wife how to sail in it. She'll be ready later on for the pocket cruiser I'll build for my retirement. That will be a gaff rigged yawl, too. Keep us up on the progress. And the proportional dividers I mentioned earlier are used quite frequently on the plans, particularly the bulkheads where he gives one thickness and you need to draw fair curves on either side. By the way, if you haven't found Joel Bergen's site on building Ellie Google it. Lots of good info. 

George K

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